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nice job..I think I saw you out there bud..I was running BTW..LOL
Hey, I don't stink, no need to run away!

Nice fish, give more info ;)
Hey Release,

Fish was caught on a Rattle-Trap in craw color. This particular fish was caught about 30-50Ft from shore, and maybe about 3-5 FT from the surface when it hit. It seemed like I snagged bottom until I felt it moving. This was actually the second fish caught for the day, but the first one hooked was lost at the boat, taking too long to try to lip it. The first one was a SMB caught on a white crankbait, mid retrieve about 60-70FT from shore when it hit. Also saw a few smallies follow and miss strikes as my cranks approached the boat. Fish I could give you more info, but I don't fish with a FF to tell you more.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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