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Still River Fishin'!

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Hi Guys..and Seasons Greetings! I know that most of you are iced in down there, and I don't mean to bust chops..just thought you might even appreciate a walleye report from one of us few with open water still available. Although my local river (Susquehanna) is rising again right now, it was very fishable last week before the rains hit! I had to burn some vacation, so I dragged the little boat down on Tues., Weds., and Thursday. The fishing, until recently, has been pretty spotty even though they removed the blockade downriver (for bridge construction) that has stopped the fall walleye migration for the past two seasons. Apparently, the walleyes finally found their way home! I got limits on all three days..including a 28 inch, 8 pound female on Tuesday! On Wednesday, my buddy Bobber and I boated over sixty walleye! The large majority of these were good sized, mature fish with a number of large females mixed in! We do keep a few smaller males for the pan, but try to release all the females if possible. Thursday was tough down there..a good test for my new insulated Guidewear from Cabelas! It started raining Wednesday evening and rained heavily thru Thursday afternoon. I only lasted about four hours on Thursday morning..the Guidewear was great! In the four hours I was out there..the river went from a clear center to solid chocolate and rose about five feet! Obviously, this had an adverse affect on the fishing! I did manage about 15 nice fish before they shut down though! Right now, the river is just about fishable again, but I've got to see what the weekend brings. Hopefully, I'll be out there on Sunday! By the way..just to keep this report board worthy..I did boat a 22" smallie that I'd guess was pushing six pounds! I really thought I'd foul hooked a carp since she was too heavy to jump and just stayed deep! They actually are kind of fun to catch! Hope you all have a Great Holiday! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
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oh C'mon Chris, you always love to bust chops when your Susky is still producing late in the season!! LOL.....

tell us more....rub it in!
Reef: welcome to the board and thanks for the input!
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