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Stick Marsh & Farm 13 Catching Report

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From: "Hugh Crumpler" <[email protected]>
To: "Hugh Crumpler" <[email protected]>
Subject: Stick Marsh & Farm 13 Catching Report
Date: Monday, November 10, 2003 10:59 AM

Catching is very good at Stick Marsh and Farm 13. The most effective method is with live bait. Artificial lures work as well. Be sure to fish the shallows as the bass are moving in and preparing to spawn. These are the most aggressive bass.

On Tuesday I have Steve Robinson. Steve's group did very well. They had a large bass which was photoed in the last report. The next day they hooked into one of the largest bass I have seen. HUGE!!!! Inexperience, disbelief, amazement, hurry, apprehension, eagerness, excitement (all at the same time) on the part of the angler led to incorrect landing procedures that let the bass swim away without its photo being taken. When you hook into a bass that is probably one of the hundred largest in the world you are allowed to let it get away. Just convincing it to bite and hooking it was a major victory.

Bass are moving into the shallows of the Farm's Southern end. These bass are relating to the scattered hydrilla and coontail patches. They are in there scoutting places to spawn. They are also in a feeding frenzy. These are the most aggressive bass. The way to catch them is to use baits that attract attention and then look easy to eat. Such baits are the Rattling Chug Bug, Long A, and soft plastic jerkbaits.

The Back Lot and the drop by the Back Lot are producting using similar techniques. The Northwest Corner of Stick Marsh has bass moving in. The Northern levy of Stick Marsh has bass on the drop in the hydrilla. If you can find the hydrilla growing just off the bottom in Stick Marsh you will find bass as well.

Flipping and Pitching the emergent vegetation will also produce. Not near as many. However, larger!

My clients on Saturday and Sunday had a laid back attitude. The number of times I heard "Holly Cow"; "That's a Big One" and "Nice Job" were words that I like to hear. It makes me realize I am doing my job. Lots of photos taken by clients on those two days. They had fished Okeechobee for ten years. Came here and they said they would be back. When are you coming?


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Location of Stick Marsh ??

Someone told me Stick Marsh is right near Rt that so?? How far east from I-75? Thank you... how big does this water does it cover? and for Farm 13 ??
Thank you in adavance....
Stick Marsh & Farm 13 are Noth and West of Vero Beach and South And West of Melbourne. They are on the East Coast of Florida about half way between Jacksonville and Miami.

You could not throw a rock from Rt. 50 and hit the lakes! Coverage of both together is about 6800 acres. However, every square inch of both lakes is 100% perfect cover for bass.

There is more information about the lakes on my website www.HughCrumpler.Com. Including photos of what is under the water at Stick Marsh.
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