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Stick Marsh & Farm 13 Catching Report

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From: "Hugh Crumpler" <[email protected]>
To: "Hugh Crumpler" <[email protected]>
Subject: Stick Marsh & Farm 13 Catching Report
Date: Sunday, October 19, 2003 8:49 PM

Things have changed at Stick Marsh and Farm 13. The water has been shut off. Both the water coming in and the water going out have been shut off. Now the lakes are like fishing a lake and not like fishing a river. The bass will adhere more to lake tendencies than to river tendencies.

On Friday I went out at 8:30 AM. I fished the back lot long enough to find out that the bass were not up in the flat. They were on the drop and biting Rattling Chug Bugs as well as Soft Plastic Jeckbaits. Once four bites came I left the fish. No reason to wear them out! Save them for clients!

Then I went to the ramp and talked to Jimmy and some local anglers. Otis said "Hello". Then I proceeded back to my work.

I went into Stick Marsh. I found a "new' batch of fish near one of the slots at the North end of Stick Marsh. They were all fat and frisky. They covered a large area. The bottom of this area had some grass growing off the bottom. Nope- the grass could not be seen from the surface!

The key to catching these bass was to drag a Texas rig worm very fast across the bottom. Some bass were in the old trees but, most were relating to the grass. Caught about ten here in an hour (over a sizeable area) and moved out to check the Spillway.

The Spillway was not running. Pitched the standing grass-no bites!

Back at the ramp by noon. Learned what I needed to know! Left without wearing out the bass!

When prefishing for a tournament it is important to LOCATE the bass-NOT to catch them. Catching 50 in practice and then going to them in the tournament usually results in comments like: "They were here the other day!". SAME-SAME for guiding. When you find them-SAVE THEM!! Clients do not care how many fish a guide catches by himself. They want to catch some!!

The fast drag of the Texas rig worm was accomplished by getting the boat moving with the trolling motor and simply dragging the Texas rig worm. The bite was subtle. Once the hook was set there was no more subtleness.

Hugh Crumpler takes his clients out catching MONSTER bass at Stick Marsh and Farm 13. You could be next! Hugh Crumpler's e-mail is [email protected] and his website is www.HughCrumpler.Com. Land line 321-722-3134. Air line 352-406-6925.
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