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Sonar Buffs and other Participants of Last Years NYBass seminar......

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for those who really enjoyed the wonderful seminar that MikeyD did for us at the NYBass seminar last year, I have been informed by Mike that a special DVD containing his full blown seminar on Sonar and GPS will be available very soon.....

I will come back on this thread and give a link when it is ready to ship.....

Mike has a keen ability to break down Sonar logic into simple and understandable terms, for many at our seminar it was an eye opener...

even for the seasoned users, it would be a new slant and may tell you something you hadn't thought of yet....

more info on this very soon!!!!

because Mike generously donated his time and equipment in presenting himself at our seminar last year, I am only too glad to assist him in offering this DVD on the board......
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You mean that thing is for MORE then just a spot to rest my cigar?

Please let us know when you can, I would be VERY interested!


Me Too !!

I thought Mike D's presentation wsa great and I have been looking for a good tutorial for ages...

Mark D
Very informative and very useful. Earthworms really liked the presentation that Mike did last year and I recomend anything with the Del Visco name on it!
Thanks John,

Looks like this will be available about the 2nd or 3rd week of November. The DVD will contain How Sonar Works, Structure Fishing, GPS plus a few additional topics. Feel free to email me for more info at [email protected]

Mike, Please post the info on ordering the DVD when you get it.
Bass Rat said:
Mike, Please post the info on ordering the DVD when you get it.
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