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<p>It's not often that one would call what we do work, but in order to keep up
with the bass and their movements, work we must. It's a matter of going out and
checking here and checking there to see what we can catch, and I don't mind
telling you that all that casting and catching can be mighty wearing on the
arms. However, it doesn't take many like this<br>
<img border="0" src="" width="400" height="266"><br>
to take your mind off the hardships and keep your arm working. As you can see
from the background it was a bit cloudy and winds were down which was a pleasant
change from the last few days. We have had some very windy days lately, and the
last three days have been a bit wet for my tastes but we still had to get out
<img border="0" src="" width="400" height="266"><br>
Top water was the answer and it certainly proved to be fun. Using Yamamoto 7X
cuttails proved to be the best on top and on the bottom as we worked the areas
in the SW of the Farm. It's amazing to watch the changes in the hydrilla with
fluctuating water levels and the growth this plant maintains. However, if
conditions aren't right for growth this plant can drop back just as fast and
where we are finding the best bites is where the hydrilla has done the drop
<img border="0" src="" width="400" height="266"><br>
A big key to success is thorough working of the water with the baits. Willy
nilly casting leads to a lot of missed fish but positioning your bait
systematically will produce. Of course it has been said many times, but it is
the strongest point that I can make: "don't leave fish to find fish". We had
several boats in the area but none stayed long enough to see the bite we found.
Of course, knowing that you are on fish helps a lot.</p>
<p>See you on the water. Say hi if you get the chance. </p>


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Update - visiting friends


<p>One of these days the weather is going to get perfect, the rain will be gone
and the wind will be a mild breeze. In the meantime be sure to have raingear
when venturing forth on Florida lakes and windsocks to control the boats drift.
<p>Enrique Fondeur and his son Enrique Jr. are visiting from the Dominica
Republic and after hearing about the Stick Marsh/Farm 13 from friends just had
to wet a line. Although the giant didn't come on board for pictures, they did
get this most respectable gal as well as wet heads and windblown cheeks.<br>
<img border="0" src="" width="400" height="266"><br>
Today's trip found us working the grass edges and scattered hydrilla along the
south end of the center N/S ditch. Senkos worked weightless and down did the
trick. The bite was sporadic and best in the AM, but it came often enough to
keep everyone on their toes. We did try the SW areas today for a short while but
only found some smaller bass. These two areas seem to be the best for the moment
as they have for the last several weeks but things could change drastically if
we get some cooler dryer weather through.</p>
<p>The upcoming week is going to be breezy (15-20) so come prepared. You need
some device to control your drift speed, jackets for that early morning run, and
don't forget the sunscreen. Although temperatures are cooling down the sun can
still get you if you are not prepared. </p>
<p>We hope to see you out here soon. If you have any questions or are looking
for information about where you might get that big gal, send us an e-mail: we
will be glad to help. If you are fishing in the area say hi if you get the
chance. </p>

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