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Fishing enthusiasts read this.
I have found a site that I think will interest most people that love to fish.
I have been a visitor of the site for a while and am amazed at the lack of people visiting a site that has obviously had alot of work put into it just to spread the knowledge about fishing. I just wanted to give a brief idea of what the site offers and you can decide if it is worth visiting.

FREE hosting of sites for fishing clubs - Absolutely FREE. I am putting my site on their asap and it is as easy as filling out an online form
Private Messaging between members.
Free Membership - No PopUP Ads - No Annoying Emails that I dont want
Regular Newsletter with very informative articles
Online Shopping - I think they are still working on this feature
Personal / Public Fishing Reports
Fishing FAQs
Tons of Discussion Forums
Fishing Encyclopedias
Image Galleries that you can upload your own pics
PrimeTimes Astro Tables Calendar updated monthly
Weblinks to all the BASS Federation state sites as well as other fishing sites
Product Reviews and referals
Tons of great articles and news for the avid angler.

Oops. Well I guess I ran off a bit. Take a look at the site and maybe I will see you there. The web site address is no advertising . Please understand, the above is my opinion and thoughts on the site I am not being paid or anything. I also dont want anyone to think I am trying to send visitors away from their sites. I just believe that is all these bass fishing web sites that we visit would pull themselves together, that there would be a greater exchange of knowledge.

Thanks for your time
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Originally posted by TonyBassman
I have been a visitor of the site for a while and am amazed at the lack of people visiting a site that has obviously had alot of work
You're right, nice site, just low participation. I registered a long time ago, but got few replies to posts I started, so I dumped it.
I'll try again.

The internet is littered with nice looking fishing/bass sites that get little or no participation. Your post is in the wrong place it sould be on the other site telling them to come here. We have most of the things these other sites do. But what we have that they don't have is participation and lots of it. So you to do those other people a favor! drop them the address of a good fishing site
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