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AMEN John!

As some one who has ALWAYS been happy to give out information, (sometimes a little too much information), I have to agree with you 110%. I will always be glad to help out another individual with my wealth of misinformation, whether they be a beginer or a seasoned angler just looking for some info on the northern waters. I do like to have a little background info on the person I am responding to. I dont think its a lot to ask that some one who is new to the site make some kind of introduction about themselves, where they fish, what kind of experience they have...etc.etc.

This is a very friendly and close group of individuals and I find the more I know about a person, the more I am willing to extend myself for that person. (Yes, even you Joe P!):D I have met some wonderful new friends on this site because of that open-ness. Lets all try to keep it that way.---My 2 cents!
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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