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mikeD in NYC said:
this is similar to a new member coming on and posting a brief first post "where do i catch fish?" instead of a more detailed introduction... that new member is usually reminded by another member of the proper etiquette here(introduce yourself, yada, yada), then more often than not that new member apologizes and gets with the program.
I think it's a shame that a new member is put in a position where he feels he has to apologize. If someone's first post asks a question without including all the info that someone thinks should be there, why not just give him a nice welcome and ask him to supply the info that is needed to answer his question, rather than condescendingly tell him it's a "weak first post" or some such nonsense.

And if we're gonna take that first post so seriously, put the "rules" in the registration process and make the person click "I agree to these first post rules", just like agreeing to terms of use, or whatever.

I know in the grand scheme of things, what I do makes absolutely zero difference, but I used to always send guys here when I saw questions about NY waters on other forums. Now I never do, because of the rude welcome that some people get because they innocently make a post that is within universally accepted posting guidelines, but not within the arcane etiquette guidelines of NY Bass.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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