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Snowball alert!! Sunday instead!!

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Due to high water the tournament will be sunday instead!!! this will give it 24 more hours to settle down. sorry about the change but it may help the fishing. please call 518 993 2747 with any questions!! Iceman out!!
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Damn weather anyway!! Sunday is out for me (I sent you a PM)

Looks like Honeoye for Saturday then...
Looks like Honeoye for Saturday then...

Ah crap!! And I thought I had a shot on Honeoye........... :D

C'ya on the water,
Dang! So much for I fish for 3rd!:mad:

I was just on Honeoye this morning....I am thinking I may just head to Erie and have some fun tomorrow.

Seth V
You guys are too much!! :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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