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Smoke Stacks

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On my way to the Lilco smoke stacks to do a little striper fishing. Anyone else fish the outflow this time of year?
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used to...been years...let us know how you did...
Its been iffy

The weather has not be cold enough to pull the fish out from the back.When the weathers real cold,& all 4 stacks are pumpin,the bite is good.Since the construction,& closeure of special spots,its gotta get alot colder,for me to waist a walk.The fish are in there though. :D Ya gotta fish when the tides & demand for electric are high,Unless its real cold,Like 25 or less.Then 2-3 stacks are pumpin then the fishin can be good.
I've found the best time to fish there is the 2nd week in Feb, till the season opens.The weather is just to unstable right now.
BTW, Before the snows the bite was on.& teen sized fish too.:D

do you fish from shore there...or wade???

How is the parking sitaution?

I have heard of that location, but never made it there yet. What kind of poles/lines/rigs you using there?
was there once and its a good walk from where you can park to the area they are talking about. i would say 2 miles on the beach and one way will definitly be into the wind. idont think we parked in the right spot because we had to cut thru a backyard to get to beach
Weekend was a bust. JP, You are right on the $$$. Needs to be colder and all stacks blowing. I just needed to get out and make some casts.

WildBill- I wear my waders and I am in the water. Something about being "in" the water that gets me to where I am going! I park at the resturant and walk down. I am using a Shimano Sustain 5000 and a Loomis SUR 1023S 8ft Med Heavy. I spool it with 20lb PP. Great North Shore Rod! I would like to go a little lighter on the rod! I use that surf rod all season from the surf on the North shore.
Andy thats a perfect setup up.Not to big nor to small.I use my 9' light action Lami,(enough back bone for the occasional Large that hang there.)geared with a penn 710,(smooth drag)with 20lb PP. tipped with 20lb Flouro.

As for baits I start off with,1/4 to 3/4oz Kahlins lead head,In various colors.I can use all sorts of plastics with these heads.I like the saltwater assains.Some colors I allways have in the bag are, Yellow,s&p,Arkansas shiner,& all white.As you all know theres 100000's of colors.Trial & error works best for me.
As for hard baits.
4"Bombers(sometimes larger/early spring)
Poppers(early spring)
& many more small baits.

I fish the bar there when the tide allows me.It can be tricky as it is in the middle of the flow,& drops of very quickly.You can walk it out at high tide, but at 1 spot you can be in water up to your chest on the way to it,(at high water)But thats the best tide to fish the bar,so the way back in at outflow is not bad at all.Just be carefull getting to it.
Good luck to all.& I'll see ya in febuary.
For now the Herring are keeping me busy.
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Ah......the T-bar. I know it well! How's it going Jim?
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