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Smallies in SE, not NYC res?

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Those of you that have met me know I am not the best fisherman on here, though I have been fishing since I was 5, and do OK most of the time. :D

However, before moving to NY 4+ years ago, I never lived in a state with bronzebacks. All these posts from you guys have me itching to try to catch some. My question is where? This Indian Summer prompted me to put in for Monday off, and I'm going to get in some fishing Saturday and Monday. Does anyone have a recommendation on a lake in SE NY, (Dutchess, Orange, Rockland, Putnam, etc.) where I can put in my small boat (it's a Sea Eagle, as long as I can get up close to a launch I'm good. :D) and have a decent chance at smallies? I think I can pattern them if the fish are around, but I'm not sure of a good smally lake outside the NYC reservoirs. Wappingers Lake is one possibility, but does anyone know if the weeds are down? Only time I tried it this year you could walk across it. Let me know, if not I'll hit one of my smaller largemouth lakes each day.:beerchug:
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Your best bet is to rent a boat at Rockland lake. I think he is still renting, Huge might know for sure. It late in the season to get the permit plus PIPC will give you a tough time getting a permit for an inflatable.

Next best thing would be Wappinger Creek, I think it should have smallies it part of the Hudson and no permit needed.

One more thing, one more drop in water temp and put the Sea Eagle away for the year they don't recommend using it in water colder them 50 degrees.

Yes I own a Sea Eagle 9
The Creek can be an interesting place have you ever fished it?
Which Sea Eagle do you have? And how are you powering it?
As for the temp thing just trying to be safe don't want anything bad happining to a friend:)
The 2 times I used my Sea Eagle on the creek I put in at the public ramp at Spring Street.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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