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Smallies coming alive on Honeoye!

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I fished a small (4 boats) York Bass Club event held on Honeoye Lake yesterday. I guess alot of guys are sitting in trees this time of year resulting in the poor turnout, but not me. This is when the 2nd phase of bass season begins around here.

I developed a nifty cold sometime Friday and debated whether to go or not. With Rob not being able to go, I didn't pursue finding another partner because of this "iffy" state. Sunday morning rolled around, weather was chilly with rain and a north breeze was to pick up as the day wore on. Still not feeling the best, I decided to go anyway. Not much can keep me from fishing!

At blast off I really didn't know whether to target smallies or largemouth first thing. It is still that goofy time of year when either can produce well depending on the day. Seeing my rods were already rigged up from the week before for smallies, that's the route I took. I went to a favorite area of mine and had a decent 1 3/4 pounder in the boat within minutes fan casting and working a tube. The breeze kept picking up, so I decided to drift-n-drag the tube abit. I started the drift in 13-15 feet and tried to maintain that. After a couple hundred yards I had a solid 3 plus pounder, and a squeaker that made it into the well also.

I continued drifting over and over the area for the next couple hours and found myself following the fish out to 18-20 feet. I was able to get my limit and cull once before the bite died off. I also caught ALOT of tiny largemouth out in those depths dragging the tube. Most were between 8 and 10 inches. They didn't help any, but with my "foggy head" from my cold, the constant bites kept me focused. At this point I decided to wander around the lake a little to other good spots. I caught some more of those little largies, but no smallies. With just under 2 hours left in the tx, I head back to the area I started in.

I move in on the weedline as close as I can get, anywhere from 10 to 13 feet, and drag along the edge. The first drift produced a solid upgrade fish, and one that didn't make the cut using the balance beam. A couple drifts later, and only 45 minutes left, I hook into another nice one, that went well over 3 pounds, and gave me another solid one pound upgrade. From there on I caught a couple more that were balance beamed, but no more helped after that. I figured I had 12ish pounds, but thought it would take 13 or more to win.

At the scales I weighed my lunker at 3.54 pounds, but was beat out by a 3.7 largmouth. My total was 11.91 and was good for the win. Two other boats (one was Ted) were both within a pound of that.

I think it is time to officially put away the largemouth gear, smallies seem to be coming alive on all area lakes in WNY!! :D

Now I need to find some "FishQuil" know....that sniffling, sneezing, sore throat, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever so you can FISH medicine LOL!!
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wnybassman said:
Now I need to find some "FishQuil" know....that sniffling, sneezing, sore throat, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever so you can FISH medicine LOL!!
That is really funny! :D

Congratulations on the victory Noel!
Noel: you are transplanting the Erie drag! LOL....

nice job as usual!!!!!!
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