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small ponds w/big LM

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Fished twin pond for a few hours walking the beat.Came across 3 fish about 2lbs each.In my 3rd hour fishing already fishing that same spot at lease 3 time, a kid comes out and a few casts pulls out a bass around 6lbs.

After witnessing the lunker leaving big swirles on the h2o bending this kids pole i went over to rockland lake only stopping at the places that produced quality fish for me in the past,I managed 2 more over 4lbs.With the wind on the h20 blades was a good choice.
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Twin Ponds....keep that a secret. Shhhhh!
twin ponds

2 years ago I lived 2 blocks away from Twin (the crappie capital of New York ) Ponds Boy I miss that place 5bass
5bass- i forgot to mention that the lunker had a crappies tail hanging out the mouth:)

Huge- ;)

Did the youngster throw it back? Hope he did!

PS. Twin Ponds is something else, a few weeks ago I had what must've been a 20+lb carp nip on a crawfish I was throwing right in front of me. My 6lb test didn't hold up.
I've fished Twin Pond atleast 2 or 3 times a week during lunch all season. I don't care sometimes if I catch anything or not. I just love being able to spend a few minutes everyday with a pole in my hand. And every once in a while (more than once in a while) I get a fish or 2 in my short visit. I do hope that this hog you have described was put back. Last year I hooked up a 4 lb-er out of there. Got a 2.4 last Thursday during lunch. Last weeks fish came on chart/white spinner bait.


:beerchug: :beerchug:
Yes the lunker was put back.I watched it swim away unharmed to fight another day.The kid reminds me of myself,undetermined was written all over his face as he circle the small ponds.
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