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Slow Pick on Congers Lake

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Hit the ultra shallow Congers Lake today. My initial intention was to pitch jigs, but when I got to the lake I just didn't have the patience to do that today. Instead I slung and pitched a spinnerbait around the cabbage, submerged rock wall and laydowns. I managed 10 bass in a good 5 hours of fishing. Of course at dusk I had to toss the "November Buzzbait"! I lost a big fish that came unbuttoned and had another one break me off as my line was destroyed on a rock wall. Most of the fish were between 1-3lbs. I was hoping to do much better with the warm weather and water temps. Last time there I caught a 6.5lber and a 5.4lber. No go this time!

<center>Here is one of the better ones:

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not bad!!!:beerchug:
Sounds like another productive outing! :beerchug:

Any sign that the lake has turned over yet?...not sure how that works on such a super shallow lake, but interested in hearing any thoughts.


I wouldn't know a turnover if it bit my ass. Since Congers has a maximum depth of less than 4 feet, I doubt it experiences a "true" turnover. Water temps were definitely in the 60's yesterday though.
What---no GQ look for Congers?
Another nice day Huge! You da man!
congers old timer

I really enjoyed your short story about congers lake. I fished congers lake in the late forties and all of the fifties when the average depth was around 6 feet. Some spots were 8 feet and others were obviously shallower.I'm looking to hook up with a fisherman that has permission to fish congers. Unfortunately i live in Staten Island and don't fill the residential requiremenrts to launch a boat on congers. I used to know the lake like the back of my hand. Every stump,every rock. The circular lilly pad patch in the north end of the lake was a particular hot spot and i had an unusual and effective method of fishing it. I'm 63 yrs old,in excellent health and love to fish and i tie my own knots. I was at congers lake on Wednesday Nov 9 2005 with a friend of mine. We fished from the shore and managed a 3 pound fish from the boat launch dock. The last time i fished congers was in the sixties when the lake was eventually overrun with weed growth. I have been looking for an oppurtunity to fish it again since it's comeback.If you could find it in your heart to agree to an outing on congers for next year i would buy the lunch.
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Nice outing. 10 Bass in 5 hours is a excellent day especially by my standards.

Since you fish most of the time by yourself, I'm curious how you mount your camera for all those pictures. Are you using a mini tripod ?

Take this guy up on that offer. my grandfather(who past away) grew up fishing congers lake and rockland lake and the stories he would tell. If it was not for him I would not be a avid tournament fisherman.The knowledge of the water some of the older congeriods have is amazing. the least you could have done was call me I work a couple miles away.LOL. Nice fish Huge way to go.
interesting thread......and here it is NOV 9th and fish still hitting horizontal presentations!

Would the reason that the fish are still hitting horizontal lures be because the water temps are still in the mid-50's?
Guys...this thread was from 2 years ago (2003)! As I mentioned, this lake is only 3 feet max. According to my log book, it the air temperature was 80 degrees on November 3, 2003! I also lost 2 good fish on a buzzbait that day on some submerged rock walls.

Tracker...horizontal presentations such as crankbaits and spinnerbaits work extremely well when water temps are in the mid-50's. me next year and we will see if we can get out. I don't fish there that often anymore.
With pictures like that, you're a shoe-in for Angler of the Year!

In fact, I'm going out on a limb and proclaiming you NYBass Angler of the Year 2003!

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