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Silence in Yankeeville

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Tuning in here at almost noon on the Friday after going down 3-2 and not one Yankee message. that was a tumbleweed blowing by. Gotta win the next two games guys. It is possible but will be hard. I for one thought last nights line up was awful. That errant throw to third was awful, Wells cop out was a disgrace. Your pitching likely the last game of your Yankee career in the World Series no less, unless you are dead, you throw the ball until you can't. Adrenaline alone should get you by. Huge, you are right Wells is a punk! Maybe he'll have better luck in the lawsuit against the guy who bitch slapped him. Saw a great special on Roger on ESPN last night after the game. I don't care for him but he is/was a great pitcher. Impressive career. 1 of 21 pitchers who won 300+....I think.

Looking for 3 things to happen:
1- Yankee loss knocks them back down to reality with the exit of several key players for next season....likely not, they'll just go out and buy 2 high paid aces to replace Roger and Wells.

2- Will Karim Garcia lose that scowl on his face? Who is this guy and why is he so angry?

3- George to go in a rage after the Yanks lose to the Marlins and fire Torre.....this could happen because George is so unstable. It would be the Yanks undoing're not going to find a better manager anywhere. Hey, Grady might be available. You could get 'em cheap too.

Now if any team can come back and win this, it is the Yanks. So I will not be surprised if they do. I think the reality of this is that since 2000, they started a slow fall from perfection and hopefully within the next few years they will fall into obscurity like in the early 70's and all of the 80's. Now that last one is a dream, I know it won't happen.
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I have faith. The Yanks will win....please god...let the Yanks win.

Got to give the Marlins credit. They are a tough and scrappy team.

As has been throughout the playoffs..the Yankees have failed to capitalize on their many opportunities to score runs. They have left an enormous amount of runners in scoring position without bringing them home. If anything, this alone will be their demise.
LP: the series is a microcosm of the entire season ( macrcosm)....

the Yanks all year have been: at the forefront with starting pitching and have had the best closer in Baseball....

the Yanks have in the post season: getting great quality starts from all the starter and perfect performances by Mariano.....

the Yanks Have: left men in scoring position all season long and are continuing to do it in the playoffs...

the Yanks have: had sloppy inconsistent defense and that trend also continues.......
Them losing the Series is the best thing that can happen to them.........As a Yankee fan,I'm happy to see them make it to the Series.........if they lose,George makes wholesale changes,
giving them another 8 year a Yankee fan,you're never
dissappointed..........always in it to the any means
Mike, you have to worry about George doing bizarre things though. My gut says Torre will be let go. That would be a huge mistake.
Mikey, they play baseball in Baltimore? Where is that?
earthworm77 said:
Mikey, they play baseball in Baltimore? Where is that?
Noooooo. That's where the colts use to play.
Yes, George is known to be erratic at times. Hopefully he will
go nuts,but let his baseball people make the decisions, only letting
him sign the checks.
Yanks have been horrible in the clutch.
Sorriano and Giambi have forgotten how to hit.......Boone is
irrelevant,as is their middle relief.......lots of area needing
to be improved.

Have they forgotten how to play "small ball"......bunt,steal,
sacrifice,etc. I laugh at these radio talk shows that say these guys don't know how to......WHAT A CROCK!!!!!!
I have coached little league forever,having played ball myself
from little league to American Legion.....EVERYBODY knows how
Stop making excuses for pampered,overpriced babies,many of whom have never grown up........TELL THEM TO BUNT......
if they don't,sit their asses and embarass them.......

Quite frankly,the Yankees don't deserve to win.
I'm surprised they made it this far,nobody having exploited their weaknesses. I'm a Yankee fan,but admit this is not the team of O'neil,Martinez,Brosius,etc.
They need a hitting coach who is
given the lattitude to address the problems I mentioned,not worrying about ruffling anyones feathers. Zimmer should go.....
Torre has to take on the role of teacher,stressing fundamental ball...........this group needs guidance..........just cause they make millions doesn't mean they can be trusted to make the right decision. In my opinion,Torre has become too complacent.
Watch him on the bench,hat over his eyes,like he is ready
to fall asleep........they need a wake up call..pronto!!
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Mike H,

I agree. This is not the Yankees of Martinez, Brosius & O'neil.
Their ability to play "small ball" seems non existant. Everyone is swinging for the home run and they will loose if they dont start to rethink their style of playing. The Marlins have taken 3 out of 5 by being much better at small ball. It seems only the CAPTAIN, Derek Jeter knows the value of a hit as opposed to a homer.
Is that your ass??? NiCE!!! LOL
Can't be, no ass chaps on it. Unless he dumped the ass chaps for a thong.
Leigh........Jeter is a throwback to the old ballplayer......
A pleasure to watch.........he makes his parents proud,I'm sure.
I pulled Derek Jeter over just before the Yanks were going to Texas to play in the ALCS in 98(??). I laughed when I realized it was him, told him I was a Mets fan and he autographed my book. A real nice guy. Truly a throw back!
How could you expect the Yanks to win game 5? They put JEFF WEAVER on the damn mound!:eek: And we all know the kind of pitcher he is! Not that it really bothers me. I hate the Yankees. But thats another story! Go Fish!:cool:

Joe, D-Bag, you know I love you bro!
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