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Shimano Stradic's FG series/Okuma Epixor 15

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Shimano Stradic's 1000FG and 2000FG series/Okuma Epixor 15

I have the following Stradics:
1- 2000 series FG Great shape-65.00
1-1000 series FG Great shape-65.00
Both feature 4bb+1 roller BB, Dyna balance, Super Stopper, Alum. Aero Spools.

Epixor 15-10BB+1RB, instant anti reverse, good little reel. Is the same size as 1000 series Stradic Great shape-45.00
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Stradic's are sold.
Okuma is still available.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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