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Shepherds Lake

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Put the boat in around 11:00am..... no breeze to start out with... just glad to be out there.

Tried something different today - deep crankbait.

This lake has some 20' and 30' drop offs... I've caught fish here deep before but never on hard plastic...mostly on C-rigged yamamoto stuff.

The deep crank was producing today. Got three Largemouth to 16" all in over 20' of water (one may have been in about 30')... all on a huge deep running crank (20').....

Got one pickeral shallow.

Note: one of the Bass came up "cold to the touch"..... all released OK.
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Miester: I tried a lot of what you did today to no avail....I was kneeling and reeling and getting that baby way down there, but just couldn't connect on that pattern...........again, in 20 to 25 feet of water.......fortunately other things were working, but the deep crank never got going.......

nice fish!!!!!!
cool! I have done that in the past.....can really work! good ol' trolling! LOL.........also, glad to see you out with your boy!
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