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Scott E/Acstech...the world record crew

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I dug this up recently on Paul Duclos, there was some question as to why this guy, who is a self proclaimed big bass hunter did not have a scale or weigh a supposed 24lb+ LMB properly, there was also some question as to who labeled him a big bass hunter.....well apparently he did!:

On March 1st, 1997 history was made when a 24 pound bass was caught by Paul Duclos of Santa Rosa, California.

Now, history is replete with the naysayers of the universe of which jumped on the 24 pound bandwagon. Every excuse was made from "live lining trout" to "the photograph was altered" to "the bass was only 20 pounds!"

Yet, the truth is Paul, an avid BIG BASS HUNTER, had a premeditated plan to knock out a massive bass. Paul’s track record to this point was numerous teen + bass out of Spring Lake and his BIG BASS instinct told him they might be larger ones laying in wait. Sure enough, he was correct and shocked the world when he banged this TWENTY-FOUR pound bass. The reason for the naysayers is because of THEIR belief system. The reason that the fish was caught was the talents and BIG BASS HUNTING ability that Paul possesses.

Fast forward five years and we find Paul with over 100 ten pound plus bass. Not only from Spring Lake, yet, Paul has banged huge fish from many other impoundment's in Northern California.

We are honored to have Paul as a member of the WorldRecordBass Hall Of Fame. We are happy to champion him and we wish him continued success and many large fish!
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I'm right there with you JP!
Scott, I didn't write the info on Duclos, it is his bio from a Big Bass California site.

While I applaud him on his catches including this one, he bailed on it because his actions were incorrect. He certainly is not a hero by any means. He tried to get over, was questioned and backed off because he couldn't provide the necessary evidence. There is nothing honorable about that, despite what was said.

There is no doubt this guy is a big bass hunter. He just dropped the ball that day. Scott, those photos do nothing but further evidence that this guy is a big bass guy who should have taken the fish to a scale. Shame on him! I don't think anyone is questioning the fact that he can catch those big fish. They are beautiful.

Consider the 22lber caught by Bob Crupi: This fish was mere 5 (only because the IGFA will only recognize a fish that is 4ounces over the current record as being the new record) ounces away from being a million dollar+ fish and here you have a guy who if he was dishonorable could have stuffed a hatchery trout down its throat to claim the record.

How about Sandy Defrescos 21 lber that was thought to be a record until it was found to be stuffed with diving weights?

I agree with ther IGFA that Crupis fish is the largest caught to date despite the Montgomery AL, Perry catch. I would even go farther and discredit the current world record because it has a shoddy reputation and certainly was not put under the scrutiny that these modern era fish are.
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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