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ronk this tuesday 11/4

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well this election day i'm voteing for lake ronkonkoma. anybody want to join me. i have the whole back end of the boat open! i'm looking to launch around 8am. i have off and the wife(boss) is letting me go. fishing till 12 or so. depends on the day. with this warmming trend the last few days it should turn on the fish.
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Ray, I'm a go for tuesday if you want me. We can take my boat if you want. Give me a call.-Joe
Another Joe

heeey.....Im game. I can take my boat and of course, an extra seat. Let me call Craig...maybe he's tired reviewing those video games...LOL....

kewl...youre in....8 me at the ramp...

I think you guys should bring some bait !!

Just in case of course.

live bait....watcha think, boys?.....maybe we'll pass by, Frank...
sounds like a plan joe(bass64). i miss placed your number,well use my boat. maybe the last trip this year with it. joe p will meet you guys at the ramp at 8. anybody else want to come down. maybe we can get a small longisland get together at ronk.:D.

joe p with the weather pattern we have going on, it might be one of those days. OH it's ronk, i forget that never happens there.LOL
joe you can call me if you want about tuesday or just be at my house around 7:30.

I am in. I may need an extra 10 - 15 minutes to get there. Be as close to 8 as possible.

See you guys tommorow.

You and me tomorrow......ya hear?
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