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ronk 10/19

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well i got out on the water at 11am. first stoped by ronk outfitters to say high to frank. picked up some byson jerky, pretty good stuff. then it was off to the lake.

i would like to say that i caught fish after fish. but let's get real, this is ronk. dead sea west or just plain dead sea. it took me about 3hrs to get my first bite and fish.

weather: rain, light wind, cool

air temp: 48

water temp: 59

fish caught: 1 smallie, 2lbs

i went north from the ramp. worked my way around back to it. didn't read any fish on the depthfinder at all. work most depth from shore to 20 feet. i used a spinnerbait and crankbait, senko and a tube. i finally stuck the smallie by the docks to the south of the ramp. i was trying all colors of senkos and tubes i then put on a tube that i got at the fed club TX at the 1000isle. the color was a green w/ gold and cooper flakes. on my second cast in 4ft of water she took it. i just picked it up and she was running. she jump a few times and then i neted her. let her go after a quick read on the scale.

when i was taking the boat out i meet a DEC officer, didn't get his name. he check my livewell and we chated a bit . it was nice to see them doing there job. on a lake like ronk that is trying to bounce back to what it was in the past, we need some enorcement with pepole fishing without license and taking fish that are not the proper size limit. that is what kills a lake like ronk. well with that said i must unload the boat now, i warmed up and dry.LOL

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Nice Ray, Well you beat me. Ronk was the dead sea saturday. At least it was a smallie.........:D
hint, hint: try ika's. i only caught a few fish this last week, but they were some nice fat 2 or 3 lbers. have gotten lots of hits this past week at various locations. unfortunately, i suck at setting the hook. getting hits on the ika's at ronko, spring lake, & canaan lake. from shore. caught a few fish at canaan. a few on a slow retrieve, a few on a fast retrieve. treid senkos, spinner batis, crank baits. no hits at all.
Ray: I am glad to hear that also! I have no problem with DEC officers checking my cooler or live well, as I never keep any fish skin off my back........
Ray, good to hear a report on Ronko. I am trying to nail down a day shortly to hit it myslef.

Tom, Glad to see your still out there. I figured you were. You thrown anything like a husky jerk in the cold water at Canaan?

What spots are you nailin em at in Ronkonkoma? Dock/rocks/launch/hole?
hey chris, good to hear from you.

no, i haven't used any husky jerks at canaan. mainly using senkos & fat ikas. they're ignoring the senkos completely, but love the fat ikas.

as far as ronko, i haven't caught anything in a while. i am getting bites there, just can't hook them. at ronko, they've only been interested in the ikas as well. not interested in senko, cranks, spinnerbaits. i'm getting the bites off of the pier near the bavarian inn. casting out about 20 yards or so. dragging the fat ika on the bottom.

let me know when yyou plan on hitting ronko. i may possibley be able to go there on a saturday or sunday, preferably in the afternoon, preferably on a sunday.
i never keep any fish anyway
john, the funny thing is the only reason i had the live well(105qt cooler) in my boat is that i was trying to catch mr. bass for my club. i had no water in at all. at this time of the year it's out of my boat. but like i said before it's great to see them around.

chance i pm you back but you were full. but i will be making another run on ronk in the weekends to come. so if you want to join me or anybody else you are welcome.

tom i never fished ika's. maybe i will have to start soon. frank just got a load of them in. so maybe i should pick up some?
yes ray you should! the big ikas look good too
i second that on the ikas. kind of like tubes, but solid & heavy. they cast a mile. i guess they resemble crayfish a little. right now, i've been going to canaan off shore. not catching a lot, but usually getting 1 fish per day in 1 hour of fishing-usually between 5 & 6 pm. got a nice fat pickerel on the fat ika yesterday. helluva fight. about 20", at least 2 lbs. mean fish.

i'll keep my eyes open for if you post about going to ronk in any upcoming weekends. i'd definitely like to go.
hey guys...most of the fish ( LM's) I caught at ronk were near the inn and the floating ramp....there's a nice weed bed there.....

That rip rap all the way to the right of the inn looks like a good smallie spot...but for some reason, I couldnt get a tick from there...have you guys had any luck at all around that area?

that area to the right of the inn and headed toward the beach is where I had those 2 big smallies reak havoc with me. Yes, I'm still thinkin about that fish.:cussing:
ha-ha...yes I do remember, Leigh....youre whole personality changed after that.....:D :D

whats up, bud? Saturday?
Going Smallie hunting on Lilly with Jet300 on his boat. I am still having issues with my piece of $#!+ Motor Guide trolling motor. I have to bring it up to CT next week.

We go fast!
early in the season i caught a few good smallies by the rocks. also some big largemeouths and a few good walleye. haven't fished there lately.
well joe, at the rocks(riprap) during a LIB TX this summer took a 4lb 15oz largemouth. and the point by the old book store is good to in the 6-12ft range. took one here to during that TX 3+. and some other were taken here to during that time.
kewl, Ray....thought that spot was textbook on a relatively featureless lake...
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