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Rondout Creek

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Are the bass starting to stack up in the Rondout yet? I'm thinking to going there tommorow, but don't know if it's worth my time. When do the fish from the river usually start going into the creeks for winter and if I do go tommorow what should I target, largemouth or smallmouth? Thanks for any info. - fishinut
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There should be some boats in there. The first open is next next Sunday.

The last time that I went to the Roundout creek smallies were the number one hit. All the way up the creek by the overflow was a real productive spot
I did decide to hit the Rondout Saturday. My dad and I had action, but not what we thought it would be. I got a few small ones, mostly smallmouth, on a tube. My dad was throwing a bigger tube and he had about 5 decent smallmouth on but they came unbuttoned. He wasn't hooking them good or something. He would set the hook and fight the fish for a while and the line would just go limp. I don't think he was getting the hook all the way in the fish because he wasn't using and EWG hook and the tube pressing against the shank of the hook was preventing him from getting solid hookup.
It was a cooooold morning but it warmed into the high 60s low 70s by about 11am. It was very, very nice out then. A few more fish would have been nice but we had fun anyway.
When you and your Dad went , what were the tides doing ?
High tide was at about 8:00am. We started out about 6:30 and fished through high tide until low tide which was at about 1:30pm.
- Fishinut
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