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Dont know if anyone knows the dates yet for the 2004 Rockland show

March 4 thru 7

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ah, SEAN, to dream of that show is to make the winter pass that much faster!!!!

as usual, we will try to get a good breakfast crowd on SAT morning again this year before the show......

Stop by and see me at the Wacky Worm booth. 5bass I will also be with Wacky Worm booth at the Raritian show and Eastern outdoor show in mass and the bassarama in V.A. and maybe in pitt P.A.
Mike: you should join us for SAT morning breakfast at the Diner, you will get to meet and munch with another bunch of the guys!!
:D i'm lovin it..... say john where is the breakfast going to be....? i make the rockland show about every other year...
use to live right above exit 14b airmont rd. back when i was a
youngster.....but would like to hook up with some fellow basser's
went down to martinsville for nascar race few wks ago and
found out by accident that the cracker barrel resturant we always stop at in frackevillle, pa is only 30 minutes from
cabelas new store in hamburg, pa....which we will pay a visit
to over the winter.....but, rockland show and breakfast
sounds real good.......keep me posted........buddy
Buddy: we take whatever SAT the show is open....there is a diner on the main road , Airmont Road, it is West of the thruway.....

show starts about 9:30 Sat morning, we usually meet up at 7:30 at that diner, will get the name again, something like the Forum, or some other Greek sounding name! LOL........

we had at least 30 guys there last year and the year before.....nice chance to meet a bunch of the boyz!
The Ramapo Forum


Ramapo sounds Native American to me.....Oh must be the "Forum" thing:D Maybe we could talk them into calling it the "Colosseum" and make it sound more Italian, just for you.:rolleyes::moon:


The dinner is right on the corner of Rt 59 and Airmont Rd, you wouldn't recognize the area any more, I too lived in the area for a short while in the mid 70s.
scott e, i'm part NATIVE AMERICAN.
Ahh, winter shows...

I've not been to a winter fish/boat/outdoors show in a few years. Great way to shake the winter blues. I'll try to hook up with you guys for breakfast this year, I believe last year I was busy on that weekend. :D:D
Yar: I hope you didn't take offense in any way.....Ramapo does sound Native American.....

Forum, as in the old Greek Forums in Athens, yes.......that word was Greek sounding......

by the way my mr.nit-picky friend in PA, I believe it is spelled:


mr. G not at all. just being a little ballbuster.LOL
anyway if i were to take offense i would have to take it on everything, the way i'm made up. just call me the "league of nations":D
scott, yes i know the area has really changed...but i thinkk
that is the dinner across from the old bar called THE TAVERN
right on corner mall like jg said airmont rd & rte 59.....
will definatly try to make the hookup before the show to meet
some of you guys/gals.......buddy :D :beerchug:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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