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rockland lake

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I just couldnt resist trying out my new Terminator tugsten spinner i got in the mail yesterday.3/8oz but the size of a 1/4oz spinner.So after work i got to the lake about 4pm.Man did that bait cut through the sky.
Made about 20 or so casts and hooked into a lunker that took a dive and popped my 10lb test Sufix line.The fight had joggers stopping in their tracks.After leeping in the air w/her gills flopping around.She went for the depts and the line made an echo:( Everyone went aaaaaawwh. Now what am i to do when i only brought one lure:mad:
I took everything i had in the trunk out on the pavement only to find a crank bait under the wet carpet w/rusted off hooks,so w/ little day light I headed home,it was a longest drive home ever from the lake.:cussing: myself the whole way.Now i got to order again,this time I'll get two and more line.Perhaps in 12lb test.;)
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Terminators kick ass. I always seem to hang them and all my other $$$ baits in the pilings!

Don't worry can get it back this Sat. during the tourney! Just posted the details in the tourney section. Any interest?


This experience will "learn" you, as it did me many years ago.
Always keep a few hooks, plastics and lures tucked away in your vehicle for emergencies like this.
Leigh you was Smoke that got smoked!
Yes i got smoked..... but today i found a jointed stick bait (red w/plazma on the side.Loose one find one.Not a bad deal.:D
HugeFish4 said:
Leigh you was Smoke that got smoked!
LOL! HUge, Take it easy on my new "Patner"
WOW.....just cause a guy catches a few big fish this year and happens to have a digital camera to prove it, noe he thinks he's hot $#!T or something. Hey gimme a break. I usuall cant remember what I had for dinner last night.

PS: I know that you secretly dream of Senkos!
Leigh...I gotta take my shots when I can! I gotta beat you down before Saturday.:D :p
Take you best shot John. I'm not the same person when I'm fishing in a tourney! The old (younger-never say die), me resurfaces. Kind of a Jeckyl & Hyde if you know what I mean! LOL
I usually crawl up into a ball and get skunked! It happened twice this year. I am certainly not a wiley veteran such as you. The "Evil" Leigh.
as of 11pm SAt night, nobody has posted about the Maho tourney.....

C'mon!!! what gives?????
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