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I might buy a few

but by and large I'd purchase more "normal" sized tubes and would dabble some on both extremes,; larger and smaller

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Ok, I'll drop the bombshell here....El Gordo

I will be producing some giant super freaky tubes. In fact they are already up on my pictures yet but based on the photo in an earlier post, you get the idea. Same deal as always, heavy scent and salt. El Gordo's are here!

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What are they packaged? tens, twentys??

They look real me to chomp...LOL:D

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Fat Tubes

I've been using them in my local waters a bit this year.

They do target big fish.

If you're a numbers guy, you'll catch a few smaller fish on this tube, but mostly you'll find the Walters.

Personnally, I think this tube will slaughter those big LargeMouths I've seen posted on this sight.

They work.

Need a bigger hook, and a bit bigger weight. I'm throwing them with a Laketown Hook at 1/4 oz in moving rivers, no deeper than 6-10 feet. If you t-rig 'em, us a 4/0 or 5/0 EWG.
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