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Really big bass...

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Anyone fish for stripers?
What do you use as far as rod and reel setups and what type of lures have worked for you?

As always thanks in advance.

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Pugs - I lot of guy`s go for strippers , including myself. Unfortunately , I have had any time to go this year.
My gear is mostly adhoc , except for my surfcasting rod.

Check out the Salt Water Forum. Should have more info there.


Your question is as broad as if you were to ask "what gear do you use for bass?". It depends what you're doing. Beach? Jetty? Boat? Pluggin? Bait? Liveline? Chunkin? Trolling? Jiggin?

If I were to pick one all around anywhere lure it would be a white 1 1/2 oz. bucktail with a white or red trailer.
You can use the same tackle that you use to catch those goldfish in your grandmothers ornimental pool !!!!
Are you fishing from shore or boat ? bait or artificals ???
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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