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Hey Hey Hey ----- Dead.
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just saw that
wow a blast from the past

duuuane wayne.


I saw Re-run several years back in the middle of King Towers, a notorious Housing Project in Harlem. He was performing. I couldn't help but think that he slipped a bit from his sitcom years. How did he die?
All they said was natural guess is a heart attack.
Fell off the couch reaching for the french fries and gravy!!!

:headshake :headshake
Oh I wont be able to sleep for a week after hearing this.
My god whose next Horshack? Oooooh noooooo!
RIP Freddy. How soon untill his trademark suspenders go up for sale on Ebay?
Do you think he used that Re-run deal to get chicks? Couldn't work.
If Jerry Mathers can use his stint as the Beaver to get chicks being Re-Run had to be good for a few a beavers.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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