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Rain..Rain..Go Away!

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The fishing (walleye) here in upstate on my Susquehanna finally started heating up! This past Tuesday I had a limit of nice "eater" sized walleyes in just a couple of hours and spent the rest of the day catching and releasing muskies and those pesky bass. After Wednesday's downpours.. the river level went up over seven feet and the water looks like chocolate milk! Needless to say..I'm depressed! Any suggestions on some good board games to keep me busy for a while? Good Fishing..sniff,sniff..Sluggo (Chris)
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Chris: yes, I realize that the rain can be a killer for you on the Susky...

however, no problem in our local lakes, in fact, with the water, plus the warm should be rocking!!!

time for you to re-discover your roots and put a nice jon boat on a small water......

forget about those stupid Eyes for one! LOL.....
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