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I see that you're located in east TN, so maybe you can answer a few questions for me.

First off, do you have any experience fishing smallmouths in the lakes of western NC, specifically Hiwassee, Fontana, Santeetlah and Nantahala? If so, in your opinion, are any of these better than the others? How are the roads getting in and out as far as pulling a boat (Tracker TX17) through the mountains? Any recommendations as far as specific ramps or marinas to launch from?

I've fished Blue Ridge in GA quite a bit. Only lake in GA with a fishable population of smallmouths, but they tend to run on the small side. I'm assuming that the NC lakes are similar to Blue Ridge as far as structure, depth and bottom substrate.

Also, do you have any experience on Norris or Cherokee in TN? I've concentrated my TN smallmouth fishing on Tims Ford and Dale Hollow and have learned those lakes quite well. Any opinion on how Norris and Cherokee compare?

Thanks for any information you can provide. If you'd rather answer off the board (don't want to bore the rest of the board with a geographically undesirable exchange), my email is [email protected].

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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