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This is from Feb. of 2018.

Harriman State Park
February 7 ·

PIPC Boat Permits, Sterling Forest Permits, Tiorati/Welch and Island Pond Keys go on sale at the Tiorati Office on Saturday, March 10th; 8:00AM-4:00PM. Reminder: You do not need to bring your boats, life jackets or whistles with you. HOWEVER, if you plan on using an electric motor, please bring your DMV boat registration with you.

PIPC Boat Permits: $30/boat
Sterling Forest Permit: $15/boat
T/W Key: $15
Island Pond Key: $15, valid NYS fishing license required. IP key will be sold through April 1st, but could sell out prior to this date.

Cash, check or credit accepted.

Please be prepared for a long line if you're planning on coming on the 10th.

Questions? 845-429-8257


PS: The key for Island Pond sold in just a few weeks after going on sale. Weekends can be a zoo (especially Tiorati), some guys have TX which can make it very crowded and the lakes aren't that big. I was surprised that they sell a few thousand permits per year. There is a plus though, conversations don't get into politics.:laugh:
Can you get akey without having a boat ? Can I say I have aboat and then just buy a key ?
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