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I just read the BassMaster article on using double lures. I've used double baited hooks for flounder and porgies when fishing salt water but never for fresh water. I would like to try the drop shot rig with using a weighted tube bait.

1) has anyone used this method and was it successful?

2) I thought I read that in some states like Michigan there are rules against fishing multiple hooks on one line ? It may have been in an article about tying a fly to the back of topwater plug.

I would find any feedback on either method interesting. Trying to establish my fishing stratergies for next year. I'm already finding it to be a long winter and it hasn't even started yet.LOL

Thanks Bullfrog
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Yes, Michigan has a law against using a double hooked rig. Yes, I've used it on a drop shot rig and it works. I'll quote the paragraph from an article I wrote on drop shotting in my next post to explain how it is done.
From Drop Shot part 1 on the WormHole

I’m always looking for new ways to make my presentations more effective and the drop shot rig has given me some pretty good ideas. One of my best and most fun is a double shot rig. This consists of a small balsa shad fly tied about 6 to 8 inches above the standard hook. This fly can be purchased at BPS. It has a neat little hackle and a realistic balsa body and is a dead ringer for natural forage. I often utilize this on my UL set up for double smallie action. It is a panic when you get a double header. I don’t recommend the double rig for tournaments though. It is my belief that once you tie a knot above the palomar that holds the hook, you substantially decrease the strength of the line. Fun only !!

You can sub a soft plastic grub or minnow for the fly very easily. I've done well with 2 mini 2.75" tubes.
how about a a couple of 3 lb smallies going at opposite directions on 8 lb test?.....

sounds fun....and ridiculous.....:D
I dream for that day Joe.....I use both doubled drop-shot rigs sopmetimes, as well as a weightless doubled, SuperFluke/Senko jerkbait rig. I have yet to catch two at same time, but can't wait for it to happen. I have caught two crappies at same time on the dropshot rig, but was targetting Bass at the time.
what a rush

Joe, what a rush that would be.

I saw you might head up to Whaley, If you need a back seater let me know.

Joe, it is likely that the line would break below the first hook. Like I said, it gets significantly weaker.
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