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There is a chance that i will be moving to the Hudson Valley - West point area. Can anyone give mean a feel for the area and some help on real estate prices. Any help would be greatly appreciated?


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Kind of depends on what your looking for as to:
1. type and size of house, plus new build, a few years old or 15 years old, etc
2.amount of land,
3.which part of Orange County (if that's the county you've chosen), (the more south you get, the higher the cost)
4. city or burbs (cities are cheaper whereas towns are high and burbs are moderate depending on location and proximity to major highways
5. school district (Corwall and Washingtonville are outrageous for school taxes, town of Newburgh is reasonble - so far.)

Three year-old bilevels in Walden are going for over $225k (I just sold mine and one just went on the market in my development).
New colonials are going for 300-425 (2300-3000 sq. feet)
The median price for late model homes in O.C. is about $230k

Get a Harmon Homes book for each county your considering and go on line to get virtual tours of many homes plus specifics. (i.e. Century 21, Kahn realty, Foxton, ERA to name few) I had a bad experience with Prudential but you may do better.

Buyer beware!!!:cussing: Get a good inspector and always check the water and property drainage. My son built new and will have to spend an extra $15k just to get the pool out his front yard which contains black water from a neighbors leaking septic system. There is no, I repeat, no consumer protection in O.C.! Lawyers turn their nose up at civil cases that don't have a high payout.

It may be tough at first, but the area is growing and people are moving into and out of the area constantly.

Good Luck

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gave you a great breakdown. I live about 10 minutes from West Pt. (some lucky stiff's get to fish ther..Paul M..LOL) and it a QUICKLY growing area. Orange County has been the fastest growing county in NY for the last 3 years...The median home price is $260,000. Prices are up 37% over the past yr...It's a beautiful area made up of alot of NYC commuters.
The fishing ain't bad either...Good Luck
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