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Positive day with a couple of concerns

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got out today & had some success with a couple of big largemouth. Two over 5lbs but with the wind its was tough to control the boat . Was concerned with the amount of dead sunfish I spotted. I would say at least 50 or more . So I could only imagine how many in the entire reservoir has. the DEP said the treatment they did in recent years to eradicate the Hydrilla wouldn't effect the fish/ hurt them
, it obviously has . There is no vegetation to be found & the fishing has been slower than previous years.

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Nice Fish! well done in the heavy wind! Had Similar results there recently....Still some good bass to be caught there but not what it once was. The DEP is full of BS! They destroyed that place. Very sad, people drink that water too which is crazy also. No way that can be healthy drinking that poisoned water, im sure its going to cause severe health issues not just for the fish. what's even Sader is there coming back for more and there is no vegetation to be found.
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