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Skunked Again!
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Hey Wild Bill:

Looks like my band of miscreants will be up on Upper Saranac for the week following the 7-4 weekend...That's the way our Fish Creek Camping Reservations worked out (little earlier than usual). Maybe you can prove to us that there actually ARE fish in that lake. LOL.

BIGDOG: July 4 will prove a tough reservation this late. However, I would look into spots on Kiwassa and Otseetah Lakes... They get nowhere near the publicity/tourism, etc of Upper Saranac, and they do provide great access to tons of water. Perhaps try Cochran's Cabins (518-891-5721). They have spots directly on the water. They advertise that "each cabin has its own dock". I cannot give my personal warranty...we tent only...but I have been there and It is a very nice spot.

Best of Luck, and am glad to share the world's most spectacular spot.

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