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Places to stay on Saranac chain

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Can anyone recommend a decent (taking the wife) place to stay on the Saranac chain? Want to go up for vacation around July 4th. Would like a place with private dock so I can leave boat in water. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Saranac Lake Chain

There are sveral places on Upper and LowerSaranac. On Lower there is Ampersand Bay Boat Club.Nice little cabins, Boat houses, electric for charging batteries, gasoline pumps, boat ramp. everything you need. From Lower Saranac you can travel by boat 5 lakes altogether. Through one lock system you can get into Middle Saranac 400 acres: great Sm. Through another different lock you can get into first pond then second pond then Oseetah Lake and Kiwassa Lake and last Lake Flower. The last group are very shallow (10 - 15 ft max ) and nice LM. Lower and Middle great SM and decent LM. You have to relaunch if you want to fish Upper Saranac (great public ramp. This is biggest lake of all (5000 acres) . Ampersand phone_518-891-3001 Eric and Abby . If you need more info , just ask me or several other members of NYBF. FOOTBALLS
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I ish Upper saranac lake every July...usually around the week of the Fourth, or the following week for a week's stay. We stay at the Colgate University Camp, but affiliation with the Univeristy is mandated. Directly adjoining it is the St. lawrence U Camp, which is larger, and has far more dockage, too, and I beleive they allow anyone to visit for week stays. There is Smallmouth and largemouth there, as well as Northern Pike, as I have fished it for years now.
Another place...but HUGE $$$

is called "the Point" located about mid-lake on Upper Saranac. It is a real PRICEY place, but has beautiful facilities, and some awesome antique boats too, which they run around the lake with guests on board.
Hey Wild Bill:

Looks like my band of miscreants will be up on Upper Saranac for the week following the 7-4 weekend...That's the way our Fish Creek Camping Reservations worked out (little earlier than usual). Maybe you can prove to us that there actually ARE fish in that lake. LOL.

BIGDOG: July 4 will prove a tough reservation this late. However, I would look into spots on Kiwassa and Otseetah Lakes... They get nowhere near the publicity/tourism, etc of Upper Saranac, and they do provide great access to tons of water. Perhaps try Cochran's Cabins (518-891-5721). They have spots directly on the water. They advertise that "each cabin has its own dock". I cannot give my personal warranty...we tent only...but I have been there and It is a very nice spot.

Best of Luck, and am glad to share the world's most spectacular spot.

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The Point is an old Post Family Great camp, and, I believe the only spot in the ADK's that has rooms for MORE THAN 5K/NIGHT!!!!

Remember the Great Outdoor Games

They run them in the Saranac/Lake Placid area in July so availablity may be hard at that time...have fun...I was just up in the area last week for the first time in it looks great.
I usually know by about mid-march which week I will be at Upper Saranac lake in July, as it is by invites only at Colgate Camp.

Yup, awesome scenery.....mellows me right out every time !!!

Great hiking in the area too, bringing you out to fantastic vistas!!
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