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PDA help...

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I need some help/info.
I'm not sure if a PDA is what I need. I am looking for something that can be used as sort of an electronic journal.
I have kept a journal since the birth of my children but my handwriting is suspect at best. I have gone back to things I have written and can barely make out what I wrote.
I figured if there was an electronic device out there that I could write in and save it it would be more legible and better organized.
Any suggestions?

(I mentioned PDA because they're handheld)


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i use a PDA.. handheld.
i recently switched to a pocket PC.

ipaq 1945 is what i purchased
it is a very small device and has a good write up.

i won't bore you with the specs, but it serves me well with a 128mb card added. it comes with 64mb on board (56mb usable i belv.)

the features that i use are:

calendar - to keep up with the wife and kids schedules. my wife can add them on the pc and when i syc up at night they add to the pocket pc. the events trigger alarms at different intervals if needed. reminder chirps and tones.

task list - for stuff i would normally forget.. it has different priority levels. they stay on the screen until you do them and check them off.... like a digital nag.

memo - i use this feature alot... kind of a journal if you will. i name files 120103, 120203, 120303 etc and put them into folders named dec, jan, feb etc. they are printable and you can back them up on pc. this would be the area you would probably use most. it is a write on the screen format block recognition software. it takes a few minutes to learn and a few days of plaing to get a strong feel for it. i can write in block recognition quite fast now. palm uses grafitti 2 the ipaq has other input as do the palms.. an on screen keyboard, a cursive recognition system. you can also purchase a foldable full size keyboard.

VOICE notes!!!! big plus here. ipaq located the little push button for the voice notes in a great spot where it doesn't get bumped accidentally. --- i use the voice notes to take info from people on the street that i would be hard pressed to write... too lazy to take off gloves and look for a pen.. lol. i later review and rename the voice notes as needed. a fairly simple process. these are easy to backup on cd or hard drive. i really like this feature. but.. BUT if this is what you are after and only this.. get a digital voice recorder or small office recorder.

programs... they have software for every kind of task.. EVERY ONE!! medical billing, medical diagnostic, law enforcement, golf handicapping, journals etc.. every hobby or job covered. the cost of the avg program is between 0-20$.

128mb storage goes about 25-50$
64mb about same

256mb goes up to 90-120+

picture storage and retrieval is a snap. i keep a few slide shows on board. kid pics and fish pics. work pics also. they present nicely and look sharp.

i could go on and on.

you really have to belv in the investment to justify it. i utilize the heck out of mine.

ipaq1945 goes for around 299.
palm has similar stuff, but it is a different platform...
for lack of a better explanation pal to pocket pc is like mac to ibm.

any serious pro con questions on models feel free to ask. any help in the journal area i can help too
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i use pictures, voice, and writing combined to maintain a journal and this was my best bet. like chris states it may be the wrong tool for you.

chris, i carry alot of S on my ipaq. 3-4months of notes. pics and alot of voice notes from work.

here is an idea of what the journal programs do
this is one of the best... journal
notice that it keeps the pocket pc in sync with the desktop version.

good luck
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