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PayPal Account Breached

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Well, if the snow and sitting in the car 3 hours last night wasn't enough, I get home to find out my Papal acount was breached and $ were transfered from my credit card to an account it Italy!

The $ don't concern me as much as the possibility of identity theft; I don't know if they could see my Credit card #s, social security #, etc... it's crazy the info on each f us that floats around out there.

Anyway, what do you guys think? No funny activity on my credit card yet, maybe they just hit my paypal account... hopefully.
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that sucks! I dont use any of those type of systems. I hear too many people get burned by them.
sorry JOHN, but I always wanted to visit Rome.....LOL...

nah, that does truly suck...I have a pay pal account also....yeesh! now something else to worry about......

what I have done in the last year, is try to transfer all of my internet accounts over to a Bass Pro visa card which does not have that big a balance, so even if theft occurred the amount would be limited.....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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