The New York Bass Forums banner not very nice to MikeD

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I happened to see MikeD's posting about his DVD on, a Bass Pro site. Talk about total intolerance for a persons product - wham bam! Mike, Did you get any messages from those interested in learning sonar?

The same thing happed to S&K guide service last week. They deleted his link and 10 posts gang raped him for trying to push his guide service. Fortunately, Steve (one of the owners), posted four extensive, informative and interesting posts concerning areas he guides, and he was forgiven.

Those boys aren't as nice as the folks on this site, but then again, policy is policy and Bass Pro doesn't have to be nice.

Mike, you might want to check out Bill Dances site and message board. They don't have a problem with links that sell products.
Bill Dance

In fact, our own Wild Bill is a ce-e-e-lebrity on there.

Wild Bill
(Course, they don't know him like we do!) LOL :p

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Frank, you have to remember that we are being helpful to Mike because of his history here at NyBass and the free seminar he gave last year....

on another board, where they don't know him, they are within their rights not to give him that leeway.....
Thanks Frank and John,

I still have the post up. Until someone deletes it or I get an email. I looked for rules and other tip offs as to posting such a topic and found no restrictions. I also posted this topic in a way that was more subtle than just an out right advertizement, but rather some useful information to help viewers. There was nothing about price or ordering info at all, just the fact that this product would soo be available. When some emails me back than I can give t hem the low down.

I have a huge promo/ad campaign in every bass fishing mag starting February/March. Just looking for a little self promotion until then. I appreciate the opportunity that John has given me to make you all aware of this DVD.

John, I never questioned why Mike was allowed to promote his dvd here, but just that some sites are not as tolerant, while others don't care.(i.e. Bill Dance)

The has a few individuals that will bash at will with little moderation. Some interesting posts and suggestions are lost in the avid display of closemindedness, without anyone offering positive feedback on an issue. is similar in it's member putdown of posts that promote. (ie. KickNBass scent)

But, on the other hand, anyone who likes someone else's product, may freely leave a link to the products site. I left a url to Spike-It, to show the greater variety of colors the main company offered, and was never questioned or bashed.

I'm surprised at least one person came to Mike's rescue and welcomed his input on fishing related topics. S&K wasn't, at first, and I doubt will be going back for more. This may serve as a lesson to all that have a 'product', versus property to sell on any site.
Ask questions first.

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Being that you are a Pro-Staffer for Yamamoto, I am suprised that you have not posted at the GYCB
There a ton of great guys[and a few gals too} there that I am certain would be interested in your video too.
There is both a forum and a chatroom at that site...
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