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My seat in my office is as close to the Gulag as I'm going to get.
My desk is at the far end of the office near an exit and a supply closet. I think they figure it's best to keep me away from the chicken coop (that's another story). Anyway, where I am there are no windows and basically nothing to look at other than the generic white walls, drop ceiling and my computer. I have become accustomed to eating my lunch at my desk while I cruise the net reading the news and of course NYBass. I know, get to the point.
I'll be sitting here with a mouth full of food reading my book or the news and some jackass will come over and use the obligatory, "Sorry to bother you..." and then ask some really lame aggravating question that is never just a yes or no answer.
Don't people see that I'm eating my lunch?
I almost lost it yesterday when this guy came over and when I told him to just drop the file and I'll get to it later, he continued with his question.
This isn't the only time things like this happens. I can't count how many times people have sat at my desk while I'm on a call and waited for me to answer their really important question.
What ever happened to common courtesy?
You're on the phone and people just start to talk to you. They have to be able to see the phone right?
Anyone that works in an office has to know what I"m talking about.
Sorry for the rant. It's just really aggravating.


Pugs, Sounds like the rest off the world is "out to lunch":D ! I can only speak for myself but, it is imperative that you convey the message to all your co-workers. "When I am eating lunch, DO NOT BOTHER ME WITH YOUR NONSENSE! I really believe that the excpectations have to be clear and concise. No sugar coating, no waivering. I have had similar problems in the past with people and once they knew where I stood, the nonsense stopped. I know this doesn't work for everyone but, try it and maybe they will understand. Good luck and unfortunately we live in a world "full of dragons".
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