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Organizing Tackle ? What do you do?

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I am new to the board this year and still "Green" compared to most of the members. I have amassed quite a large pile of of plastics - senko's, tubes, etc., and recently a handful of hard baits recommended on this board.

How do you store all this stuff? Take the senko - Do you keep them in their original bag, or remove from bag and put into a plano box? Will the senko discolor the plano or take on an odor, or any adverse reaction?

Years ago plastic baits would react with the plastic trays of tackle boxes and melt together.

Thanks and Happy Holidays :beerchug:
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A note about Senkos and other heavily salt imoregnated soft plastics: The plano box partitions are vertical when placed in Shimano bag. The last thing you want to do is let the worm form a permanent curve from it's own weight and the heat from the sun.
The original bag idea is a good one for most longer plastics, but not necessary for grubs, tubes, craws, finesse worms and trailers.

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