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Open seat Lake Isle Sun 10/26

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Missed a beautiful but windy day today doing yard work, putting away air conditioners, etc. A buddy was supposed to come by and fish a few hours this afternoon - no show. I should have gone anyway.

Given warmer temps tomorrow I'm going rain or shine, leave the dock at 9:00 am and fish before the winds get crazy. I am only looking to fish for 3 - 4 hours unless its hog heaven then I'll fish till they stop biting :)

Last week - Senkos, tubes, cranks ( 10' ) all got fish ( LM). Several 2.x lb and 1 @ 3.x lb. plus lots of dinks.

First to post a reply gets it. Send me a PM with digits. I'll be away from my computer till 9:00 PM tonight.

Fish Hard
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