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We held our first Saturday Morning CNY Tx on Sept 7th on Oneida. As expected our boat totals were down somewhat due to other team TX's etc., yet much better than our first Saturday TX when only four boats participated. We're hoping the boat totals will increase as they have before for the last few weeks of regular Bass Season during Sept and October.

Oneida is still in Algae Bloom and in some instances the fish were a little hard to find even with cooler temps on the wain. Of our 11 boats that took part amazingly six of the 11 boats decided not to weigh in. Are the "elites" right (?) with Oneida falling from 6th to 38th on the 100 list?

Because of the extended 2 hours from evening TX's to mornings we've gone from the "three" fish limit at weigh-in to a "five" limit.

First Place went to Freddie C. and Ryan with 17.55 - a nice 5 limit Smallmouth Bag. WTG Freddie and Ryan.

Second Place went to Joe and Sam with 11.95 mix and a 3.85 Lunker.

Third Place went to Jim Jr. and Sr. 9.60

I'd like to point out that even though all 10 teams we're in agreement to allowing a 3 person boat to participate in this TX, there was some later controversary. In the future there will be a 1 or 2 person boat limit with no exceptions.

We'll be at the Oneida Shores parking lot for signup and live-well checks. Gates open at 06:00 AM

$20.00 per 1 or 2 team boat and $5.00 optional for Lunker.

100% Payback.

Blast off at the Oneida Shores Launch @ 07:00 with weigh-in @ 12:00 PM (noon).

Life Preservers a must on Big Motor runs.

Hope to see more of the regulars there.
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