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Okay.. Today I was going to focus on my Frog and one of my new Imakatsu Waddle Buggy's in BullFrog. Got on the water by seven to a overcast sky and flat water. Drop in the trolling motor and off I go cruising over to a solid weeded area as it is known to have LMB hanging out. First cast with the WB water explodes and I miss it, the beginning of one of those days. This went on 4 or 5 times till I did connect with this one..

Now I decide to start throwing the Frog back in the areas of my misses with the WB and hook into this a 4lb.6ozer.

So now it is time to move on to some other spots and continue to miss fish both with the WB and the Frog in fact two solid bass on the Frog to within 1 foot of the boat. Needless to say I had one more lost on the Frog and 3 or 4 missed with the WB. But all was not lost for on my way back in I connected with this 4lb.14ozer in one of the spots I had one right up to the boat....Just one of Those Days....

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