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One more chance at Maho (last TX of season)

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Hudson Valley B/M Bill Russell is running his annual Last Cast Tournament on Mahopac out of MacDonalds Marina Sat Nov. 1st.Its $40.per boat and several spots are still open. Contact Bill at (845) 221-8891 or e-mail [email protected]
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Ray and I will see you guys on Saturday. Looks like I am not going to be fishing the Hudson with my club afterall.........

Joe P - Sorry I can't make it Saturday bud, but it looks like Ray and I are fishing this TX instead.

Rest up Ray - we got a lot of work to do! lol :)

Pat X
I knew that was coming, Pat when I saw this post...:D....

In fact, Im thinking about this tx too.....LOL...we'll see...

stable weather

Hey Mr Mench I will see you sat and hopefully I wont have the same results as the last two outings on Mahopac. The stable weather should change things up . I would rather prefish for the hudson open on sat but my buddy manny wants to see if he can pop another nice mahopac bag . So we are going to do a marathon weekend by fishing maho on sat and the hudson open on sun . Good luck Ray and Pat though you guys wont need any . 5bass are a tournament mad-man!!!!!
I'll be doing the same weekend as you. Mayo on Sat and the River on Sun. Good luck at both events.
PS/ Figured this post would get some more support for Bill's tournament.
no more support

there is enough competion With team Menchan and ray and PatX and dan Morgan and maybe team Daddio things will be tough enough LOL. Gary You and your fishing partner are more then welcome to stay at my house sat night since it is the 1/2 way point between maho and the hudson and look on the bright side last time you stayed over we won a tourney even though we lost more fish then we caught LOL. Hey huge I cant stop fishing tourneys everytime I turn around another tournament pops up now I am also fishing the hudson on the 8th with a good friend Joe Mahood we seem to always finish 1st or 2nd when we compete together so we will see . 5bass
This weekend

Mike - Thanks for the invite.
Appreciated your hospitality last time. Catskill is only about 20 minutes away from my house, so my son and I will be coming home Sat. night. Looking forward to having you over in the future. Gary
As of about an hour ago there was only one spot left. Just an FYI.

I am assuming that the launch fee is not included?????

OK Gary, a chance for you to get your $2 back. Paladin and I are on for Mahopac this Saturday. I hope that we get the one that got away. I will then be at Catskill on Sunday, but fishing as a non boater with Billy V.
See ya,
Nick A
you guys are gluttons for punishment!!!! LOL......

Are you fishing mahopac huge.I am going to win this one because me and gary flipped the inside weed pockets last sat so they have to be on the outside weed line and with the weeds being in full bloom the weed edge is very defined. good luck to all 5bass

A guy just gets home from work and see's you STEAL his partner..
What am I WOOD?
Joe...I am now keeping the Thermos and the M&M's ...;)
Hmmmm Let's see
The defending Champs...Nick and Cub
The Menchen duo...Morgan...5 bass and the countless other guys from Hudson...
AND the DYNAMIC DUO who really have WINNING on their mind...
Can you say DONATION?

Huge...You have reached a low and Mike admitted wearing a VIKING uniform whenever he had a chance...(South WANNABES)
Tight Lines,
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Woody, I got the last spot. You want to be my date? LOL

Call me.
BTW, Nick...thanks for the tip...:D
Woody....are you and Joe partners for life? LOL!:D
Not at ALL....

Enjoy your day and good luck...I would have gone out with Nick if my schedule permitted...
Tight Lines,
Woody, thanks...hopefully I will be able to put something in the boat for Joe.
what is this

Huge dont tell me you are going to come play with the big boys and there big toys LOL.It would be nice seeing you out there huge and if you are good luck. The weather is going to be real nice so things could change for the better for the guys who have struggled with mahopac see ya mike the struggling one 5bass.
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