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Oh what to do??

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I've had so many people give me the "#1 strategy" for fall bassin', that I'm completely confused. So, let me ask you kind folks. What's the best strategy to catch those fall bass? Is it a quick retrieve with a crankbait in the shallows at dawn? A slow retrieve with soft plastics in the deep? Or is this one of those things where ya just gotta play it day by day, moment by moment and see what plays out?
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Al, what kind of water you fisn'n? Large impoundment, low-land shallow lake, pond, larger or small river?
For me, I use the same stuff used in summer and add fall baits that rarely work.

The following have done well in fall once the temp range is from the high 60's-50,the weather is stable and the lake has turned over:

Large spoons (Krocodile, Dare Devil)
large willow leaf spinnerbaits
large 5" fat grubs (Kalin)
deep and medium dive cranks (larger Killer B, Bombers)
jig & pig - 1/2 oz. with #1 pork frog
1/2 oz. lipless cranks (Rat L Trap)

The other lures are the usual:
jerk minnows
Spooks and Sammies

Where and when you use them is the tough part based on the water's seaonal patterns. A lot of waters I fish locally, are in transition (especially with all this g.d. rain) and fish on today, are gone tomorrow. (like they were yesterday!) (loved the cold wind!)

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Fall is jigs and spinnerbaits for me, when it slows, drop shot
Big Al,

Watch for falling water temps around 60 degrees. Begin by throwing fast moving (search) baits like: rattletraps, spinnerbaits, bladebaits, buzzbaits, etc., to cover a lot of water and determine fish activity.

If the above fails to produce then you need to slow your presentation down and fish more precisely with jig-n-pig's and plastics.

I will revert back to a lot of the same baits I use in the early spring as the waters begin to cool down a bit.
Jerkbaits (LC Pointers, Husky Jerks, BPS & Yozuri minnows)
Jig & Pig, tubes (a year round bait), small cranks and dont forget the never failing SLIDER WORM! Try some of Earthy's 4" worms on a slider head.
Liegh, I want to see some photos
Al, it is a little bit like a return to spring fishing, however, keep in mind that the water temp is a big key!! once it falls below a certain level, then you do have to slow down again and fish subtle..........
Thanks for the information guys. Sorry it took me so long to get back to this thread. With the hustle and bustle of school last fall, I guess I forgot about it.

I mainly fish ponds, and they are jam packed right full of lily pads and other weeds during the fall. I ended up using a weedless worm rig that worked pretty well. I tried both weightless and with a split shot. Weightl;ess seemed to work better at the time.
Dang! Looks like I'm too late...again.

Since no one will see this I'll let you in on a couple of my fall favorites.

#1 - Rattle Trap Gold/Black 1/2oz (yup! even when it's sunny)

#2 - Spinnerbait Chart/White 1/2oz

#3 - Buzzbait White 1/4oz

and my #1 absolute secret bait - the skirted jig worm on 1/4oz head.

Please burn after reading!
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