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Oh my Lord.....of the Rings that is!!!!!!!

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saw LOTR3 last night....WOW......just hand over the oscar.....stirring, captivating.....awesome fight scenes, emotional endings......this one really had it all....what a way to finish off the series....

the battle of Gondor has to be about the best battle scene ever filmed.......

long sucker....3 and half hours! but I was wide awake the entire time....
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Hope to see it...

Glad you enjoyed it John. I've heard it's awesome. Might have to find a sitter and get out to see it over the holiday.

I heard the Academy is talking a special Oscar for the trilogy, which would be fitting.
I saw it too last night and was thrilled with it. I loved it all but the fight scenes move so fast it kinda makes you dizzy. I really don't think this will win an oscar that will go to a movie like Cold Mountain,always does. back to ROTK I liked the beacan fire part alot and the Nazgul getting killed is cool. Those stairs were great. Must see. If anyone asks to explain it(wife/girlfriend)it is simple Good Vs Evil the players are easy to figure out.
I managed to get tickets last night too. The Battle of the Palenor fields was probably one of the most intense fight sequences ever. If that movie was 3 1/2 hours long... just imagine the special edition. Still a movie like that goes by so quick that you dont realize the time.

Lunker Dave
Incredible movie, simply awesome.

Its movie magic at its best.........

Runaway winner for best picture, Oscar, Globe whatever......
They did a great job with these movies.
who do you think was the best actor in this movie?

Sean Astin- Sam
Viggo Mortensen - Aragorn
Andy Serklis - Gollum
Ian Mckellen- Gandolf
Bernard Hill- King Theoden

I like Astin , that volcano scene was heart wrenching but Mortensen's " For Frodo" just makes you want to go beat sum Orks......
this is a tough one, but I think that Sam stole the show in part 3
definitely Sam stole 3.
I stopped reading after John G's post.
I'm going Friday.
Never read this book so I want it to be a surprise.
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