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Official Word on Borrowing Reservoir Boats!!!!!

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well, took a while, but here is the reply direct from the horse's mouth, so that we can end this debate once and for all...

here goes:

Mr. Gargani-

Your question...

Can you use another NYCDEP Public Assess Permit holders boat?

If you follow certain conditions. Yes.

You must be a NYCDEP Public Access Permit holder and carry it with you.
Display your mirror tag.
Have a copy of your friends valid boat permit.
Have a valid NYS fishing license.
Know the Rules and Regulations pertaining to boat permit restrictions/guidelines. You can obtain a copy from your local Land Management Office.
If you follow these conditions you can indeed enjoy borrowing your friends boat. Have a great time fishing on the reservoirs. If we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact this office. Thanks

Amelia Flavin

Project Coordinator

DEP Permit Office

71 Smith Avenue

Kingston, New York 12401

now , my only question here is, now that we have the new boat "tag", do we still have a permit? didn't they undo the blue card that we used to carry??????
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