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Rob and I started over in Canada, in an area I did well in for the Federation tournament. We made several drifts on different parts of the hump and caught one small keeper, maybe a pound and a quarter at best.

We made the move to another Canadian spot about 4 miles away and caught two consecutive small keepers in the same spot. Several more drifts, but no more fish. We had 3 fish for 5 pounds total. Water was rough over there though, with a south wind, good 4 footers with 5+'s mixed in. Both Rob and I got quite qweezy over there. This is NOT good, the last two times I have been on Erie, I have gotten sick, and for the past 6+ years prior I have NEVER even gotten close to feeling that way. I hope I haven't broken the seal!!!

Anyway, we decided to make the 8 mile trip back to Seneca Shoal, but unlike Seth, we found them there. The hot zone seemed to be 36-38 feet. Rob immediately got a good one on a spoon, it went 5.35 pounds and ended up being our biggest of the day. Our drifts were very short and very frequent, each time catching 1 or 2 fish on tubes mainly, but Rob managed a few more fish on spoons. We worked our way up to having to balance two 4.2 pounders for our smallest. Has anyone ever done this in 3 foot waves before??? One moment one looks heavier, then you go up and over a wave and the other looks heavier, and I even have a bubble level on my balance beam. It is nearly impossible when they are that close. So we just picked one and went with it (notice what margin we missed cashing by)

We caught about 25 fish total on Saturday and better than half were 3 pounds and over. I figured our "second 5 best" fish to be around 17-18 pounds.

It took me until about halfway through Sunday to start feeling "right" again. I am going to have to start medicating myself before going out on the big waters now :(

Are we spoiled having this fishery in our backyard, YES WE ARE!!!
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