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no controversy here, and of course, no voting either, as this is a direct Tyrant mandate! LOL......

HugeFish: unquestionably the Angler of the year...

JOHN: we thank you first of all for sharing with all of us your unusual exploits this year, even though it might not have been fun being out of work, it sure was fun piling up the fishing trips and you took the time to not only write most of them up here but supply us with excellent photos confirming what you had done.

then to cap it off, you presented us with that complicated pie graph post and site to break down your lake and presentation formulae for the entire season.......

it was a dream season for you, requiring not only knowledge, but stamina....

in the process, you got out with your Dad and innumerable other members of our .Com group including myself......

I have nothing but respect for all that you have done this season, even though I will not stop teasing you on here....

and again, most of all, in the true spirit of, I thank you most of all for taking the time to share it all with us and in such a dedicated and professional looking manner........

This is not to take away from so many of the other major contributors to this board and all they have done and continue to do so, however, I just have to recognize what John has done this year as extra special for both himself and for us.........

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If there had been voting, you'd have gotten mine hands down.

Now, like Bass Rat said..."Get a job" and give the rest of us a chance! LOL

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Congrats on another feather for your cap this year, Huge.
Some honor !!!

Now, as Leigh said, get a job so the rest of us have a slight chance next year....LOL Kinda tough to do work, and tourneys, and still find time to post, let alone make "pie charts'....LOL:D

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Great year

Huge, though we haven't met formally, I will say I have read your reports this year with reckless abandon,-- unbelieveable season for you.

And from one finance manager to another, I gotta give it up for the Excel Pie Graph skills!!!

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John....thanks for the vote! LOL! This ain't gonna stop me from calling you a "Wampussy" though! As I mentioned in my 2003 Season Analysis, it sure was a bittersweet fishing season. This whole job situation is really tough, especially around the Holidays. I am happy that many of you enjoyed my "bent arm" photos! LOL!

John, those WNY guys catch more 4lbers than my whole season after a couple outings on the big water.

PS - The fishing ain't over yet....but the Pie Graphs are!!!

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Congrats, Huge! Your fishing success was indeed impressive, but more impressive was the sharing and hard waork you put in to helping other NYBassers like myself with your posts and pics.

Next year I'm keeping a detailed log myself!


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Congradulations John!

The evil tyrant just stated the obvious.
Anyone who has followed this board this season knows your exploits. We're all envious of your time on the water. (sorry about the job situation)
Better times ahead!
Tight lines

and keep them wet
the ice ain't here yet.

See you at Rockland next year!!



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