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It was a cloudy raining day for most of the day. Weights were exceptionally good considering the weather and what I thought was a terrible bite. I struggled all day in my backyard. My non-boater had a great bag of just under 18 but I just couldn't get the bite going. He was catching them all morning at a much better pace than I was.

As the afternoon progressed the bite for both of us slowed to a crawl. I finally caught my limit and thought I was heading in the right direction with a 4+lber and then I had a huge one on for a while then while just going to net her she came undone. Saw her clearly next to the boat...was definitely in the 5+ class area. Would have given me at least respectable weight for the day since I had a 2lber I coudln't replace. When you only catch two big fish all day and lose one of them things aren't going to end well on the River.

The fish seemed to be really scattered and not hanging where they usually are. We would catch one and then nothing else in that area. The seemed to be more interested in a tube that anything else.

Steve Garrabrant 21.91
Doug Kirkbride 20.23
Chris Roach 19.88
Chris Flint 19.23
Dick Garlock 18.95
James Moore 18.2
Shawn Paradis 17.95
Guy Durant 17.83
Fred Morrill 17.48
John Narrow 17.33
Scott Hazen 17.31
Corey Palmer 17.17
Eric Gibbs 16.74
Robert Marceau 15.49
Steve Sharland 15.27
Francis Lecuyer 15.2
Chuck Roach 15.05
Brad Paradis 14.75
Ruth Harmer 14.22
John Smith 9.6
Ricky Tharrett 0
Vickie Garrabrant 0

Steve Garrabrant 1st Place!

Chris Roach 3rd Place!

John Narrow with 17.33lbs

Shawn Paradis with 17.95 lbs
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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